Dalgety Parish Church

The church in Action

The members of Dalgety Parish Church seek to serve the Lord by being an outward looking community of faith, in which worship and proclamation of the Gospel are central, and which enables people through Christian service to help build God's Kingdom. We seek to achieve this by:-
  • creating a place for prayer
  • learning and spiritual growth
  • fellowship and understanding
  • stillness and reflection.
  • encouraging members to be welcoming and caring
  • be involved in the Christian upbringing of children in the Church family
  • use their gifts, talents and time joyfully in God's service throughout the world
  • inspiring the community to discover Christ through our service to our neighbours
  • share God's love and forgiveness
  • seek peace and justice in the world through prayer and action.
The Kirk Session set a number of objectives. Ad hoc teams of Elders, and other volunteers or individuals co-opted for their special interests or skills set out to achieve these objectives. Each of the teams can be included in one of three main categories.

Church DevelopmentIncludes Worship, Youth Ministry, Christian Education, Pastoral.
The group's 'purpose' is
  • to make worship relevant and meaningful so that it continues to be the central feature of congregational life;
  • to show young people that the Christian faith and the Church is relevant to them.
  • to provide effective pastoral care for members, adherents and residents of the parish.
  • to increase the congregation's knowledge of the Christian faith and encourage their spiritual growth.
Community DevelopmentIncludes Mission, Community involvement, Social events.
The group's 'purpose' is
  • to develop a mission to the community at large.
  • to promote, publicise and participate in the Church's actions in the the Global Community.
  • to encourage and support church members in community projects from a Christian perspective

The Church usually adopts a mixed style of worship, successfully combining modern and traditional music. There are occasional contributions from a small Choir, trio, and small praise brass band.

The Church publishes a parish magazine 'The Bell', every few months. This contains a range of articles in addition to the usual parish register information. It is delivered to all members, with an enlarged Christmas edition distributed to every household in The Bay.

The Church has adopted a 'Unitary' constitution, in which the Kirk Session is responsible for all spiritual and temporal matters of the church Elder's pastoral care is effected through 'Team' districts, each of around 80 households, with about 5 Elders in each team.   These teams with additional voluntary members also act as Sunday Service Welcome Teams on a rota basis.

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