The Three "R's"

Retirement, Redeployment & Redundancy seminars are offered as an appropriate way for employers to help prepare staff at all levels who are approaching a major lifestyle change. Partners may also be invited as these events have to be considered a shared experience.

The seminars provide information and ideas necessary for a rewarding retirement, or to successfully seek a second career. There is general information on NI, Pension and Unemployment issues, with sources for more personal details.

There are suggestions for personal development and coping with adjustments to lifestyle, including paid or voluntary work, health, fitness and leisure activities, hobbies and interests and the possibility of using these to supplement income.

Redundancy seminars have similar content but with less emphasis on lifestyle, and additional modules on CV and Job Seeking. These are particularly relevant for staff who may not be eligible for a one-to-one outplacement service.

There is ample time for discussion and each participant is given a comprehensive manual of notes and sources of further information to take away after the seminar.

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