George Owenson, Personal

Photo-three 'ansome young men

I am married with a family of three grown-up sons,
all of whom are now working away from home. (Thankfully!)

The Eldest (right) is Geoff who manages Finance Pay Policy at Scottish Parliament

Next is Jeremy (centre) Senior Vice President Sales - Insurance with WNS (last time I checked)

And youngest is Gerald (left) who is Head of Grant Administration at Biological Science Research Council.

And there are three additions to the Owenson Family, Geoff's son, FRASER: and Gerald's children, OLIVIA and HARRY.

I have a great interest in music, and have been musical director of several amateur productions, including the town's anniversary pageant.   I am an active church member, and have been involved in arranging several events in the church calendar.

Are we related to any famous Owensons?   I doubt it.
But you can read about the Owenson family genealogy by clicking here.

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